Who We Are

About us and our line of premium men’s facial grooming products.

STAG manufactures and distributes the finest beard care and shaving products on the market, using nothing but the highest quality ingredients. From our beard oils, balms, and washes, to our shaving creams, after-shave lotions, and accessories, we take pride in crafting products for every type of man.

No matter how you define your style, we have a scent designed specifically for you. Our products are available in several distinct aromas and we offer free samples of our beard oils to help you find the perfect scent that embodies your unique personality.

The Scents

Saw Mill
Fresh cut cedar and sweet oak.

Ponderosa Pine
Crisp pine with hints of butterscotch.

Orange Peel
Sugary citrus with blackberry notes.

Single Malt
Rich, buttery aroma of scotch whiskey.

Citrus Wood
Earthy with hints of lemon and vanilla.

Open Water
Fresh ocean breeze and sandalwood.

Log Cabin
Light mahogany and teakwood.

Amber Spice
Warm scent of cashmere and amber.

Night Owl
Sweet tonka bean and suede musk.

Barber Shop
Clean, fresh smell of shave cream.

Black Tea
Earl Grey inspired bergamot musk.

Tobacco Leaf
Sweet and smoky with some spice.